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Small Batch Orange Marmalade

Posted by fourclankitchen on February 23, 2013

photo 5-2 I love orange marmalade and I hate the canning process.  Maybe because I once made the most delicious pumpkin butter and had jars explode on me one by one over the rest of the week!  I have good luck with freezing jams both cooked and uncooked,  but now we are moving to a new house and my cooking projects need to be few and small and my freezer needs to be empty.  So I rooted around for a small batch orange marmalade recipe and this one appealed to me because it is simple and fast and makes just a pint of the stuff.  I tweaked it a little : The original recipe called for chopping up the oranges to bits in a food processor,  but the peel look very thick and had the potential to make the marmalade bitter.  So I peeled of the orange part of the rind with a vegetable peeler and set it aside.  Then I cut away most of the white pith and discarded it. photo 1-5 Ingredients:

2 medium-large oranges (I had 2 valencia oranges in my fridge)

1 cup sugar

squeeze of lemon (optional, not in the original) photo 3-5 Method: 1.  Wash oranges and cut of the top and bottom.

2. Peel the orange part of the rind with a vegetable peeler and save.  Then cut most of the white pith with a sharp knife and discard.

3.  Cut the oranges into small pieces and pulse together with the rind  in the food processor until all the pieces are small.

4.  Add all ingredients to a largish saucepan and cook on medium heat until boiling.

5.  Lower the heat and cook for 25-35 min. A ladle scraped along the bottom of the saucepan should leave a track when your marmalade is done.

6.  Cool and ladle into a clean jar (you need one jar).  Store in the fridge.

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