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Chinese chili sauce with black bean paste

Posted by fourclankitchen on September 15, 2012

This chili sauce lights up any noodle or rice dish, soup or entree: it is just that perfect a combination of sweet, salt, sour and heat.  The black bean paste adds umami, not that it needs any more  punch.  I  posted this recipe before, using mostly thai green bird peppers, since the red ones are hard to come by in a regular grocery store.  Frankly, the green ones are not as good for this purpose as the red ones.  However,  I have experimented with other hot red peppers: fresnoes, serranos and the little habanero like red peppers. You can choose any of these or stick with the thai red peppers (which I think are hotter than the habanero doppelgänger). The original recipe  (from Diana Kuan’s blog: Appetite for China) calls for fermented black beans but I have never found a jar that did not contain a ton of chemicals including msg.  So I go with the black bean garlic sauce (Lee Kum Kee brand) and use a couple tablespoons of that.  Maybe this contains a ton of chemicals too, but I feel better since I don’t know about them.


8 oz. frescoes, serranos, habanero-like red peppers, thai red bird peppers (these are listed from least to most hot)

1-2 tbs of  black bean-garlic 
sauce (depending upon your salt preference)

2 tbs. vegetable oil
1 tbs. rice wine or xiao-xing wine
2 tsp. rice vinegar
1 tbs. sugar


1. Stem the peppers, coarsely chop and briefly  pulse the peppers in a food processor (don’t touch your eyes after this)

2. Heat oil in a small sauce pan, then add the peppers.  Cook for a minute or two (the longer time will reduce the heat).

3. Add the remaining ingredients.

4. Taste and adjust the flavors by adding more salt, vinegar or sugar  or a little more black bean paste.

5. Cool and store in a non-reactive container.  Put on everything including eggs, toast, rice, soup and on and on.


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