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Chocolate Pudding

Posted by fourclankitchen on February 14, 2010

I am in the middle of reviewing grants and needed a break- nothing too distracting, just a little something. My mind weighed 2 options, a Jon Stewart episode or a quick pudding. The pudding won out. I surfed and found a recipe that looked like it would work. But it required using a double boiler- not right for the mandated small break. Then I got to thinking that if you could make truffles by boiling cream and chocolate, why couldn’t you make chocolate pudding this way? Well, you can and my whole break lasted about 15 min.

Chocolate Pudding (adapted from an adaptation by Smitten Kitchen)

1/4 cup cornstarch
1/2 cup sugar
1/8 teaspoon salt
3 cups whole or 2% milk
4 ounces semisweet chocolate, broken into pieces ( I used Ghirardelli)
2 ounces dark unsweetened chocolate , broken into pieces
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Break the chocolate to bits by hand in a small bowl and set aside. Mix the dry ingredients together (excluding the chocolate) in a small bowl. Pour the milk into a medium sized, heavy bottom pan and whisk in the dry ingredients making sure that no lumps remain. Turn the stove to medium (or medium low) and whisk near continuously till the pudding just begins to thicken. This took less than 10 min at medium heat. Turn the heat to low and add the chocolate. Continue to whisk till all the chocolate melts and the pudding is silky smooth-about 2-3 min. Turn off the stove and whisk in the vanilla extract. Eat immediately or refrigerate for a couple hours before serving. If you don’t like pudding-skin, place some plastic wrap on the pudding surface. I hate using plastic unnecessarily, so I don’t bother.


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