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Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas)

Posted by fourclankitchen on January 21, 2010

I have decided to post some blogs using the food ingredients touted by the NYT as the-11-best-foods-you-arent-eating. On the list are pepitas or pumpkin seeds. I looked up the nutritive value of pepitas and I have to admit, that even for a vegetable junkie like me, these little seeds packs a punch. Besides, they are delicious roasted lightly and then eaten by the handful (1/4 cup servings are recommended) or tossed with a salad or pasta or ground into various curries (more on this later).

Here is how you roast these suckers.

14 oz. raw pepita (available widely, e.g. at Whole Foods)
½ tsp cooking oil
½ tbs. butter
Salt to taste (optional).

Spread the pepitas evenly in a jelly roll pan or any large pan with a lip. Melt the butter in the microwave, mix the oil. Coat the pepitas with the butter-oil mix. Toss with salt. Roast at 350˚F for 7-8 min (convert to your favorite measurements on the right). The pepitas will turn from green to mostly brown Do not over-roast, they don’t taste as good and lose their nutritive value. Store in an airtight container and eat frequently as suggested above. Believe me you are going to like these.


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